The harvesting and vinification at Château Beauregard are carried out with even greater precision today, thanks in particular to a new high-performing vat cellar. Manual harvesting ensures that optimal phenolic ripening is respected on a plot by plot basis and even within each plot.

Grape sorting has been fine-tuned with the introduction of a completely new harvest reception line which combines two selective sorting lines, a high-frequency de-stemmer and laser optical sorting. The vats are filled using gravity flow.

Small 3 hectolitre mobile bins are brought to the top of the vats via a lift, and the berries are then tipped into tronco-conical vats made of pure concrete with a temperature-control system integrated in the mass. Vat sizes including small capacities have been calculated to enable intra plot vinifications. The alcoholic fermentation is done at controlled temperatures of between 25° and 30°C depending on each vat’s potential and the desired extraction of tannins. For the best quality batches, the malo-lactic fermentation is carried out in new oak barrels. We choose up to 7 different coopers and age our wines in barrel for 15 to 20 months.


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