The terroir

Château Beauregard

Château Beauregard, one of the first estates in the region to expand its vineyard in the 18th century, possesses exceptional terroir. Its position on the south-east edge of the famous Pomerol plateau enables the property to grow vines on fascinating, precious land. This mainly gravelly soil, in which clay and sand make up the other soil types, produces elegant, flavoursome, fresh and characterful Merlot and Cabernet Franc. Its vineyard stretches over 17.5 hectares (43 acres) where over 35 plots are grown and tended on an individualised basis according to their specificities.

An intra-plot mapping has been done over the whole of the estate in order to identify as closely as possible the subtle physico-chemical differences in our soils. This unique, precious soil must be protected and respected, and everything is done to favour its biology and its natural functioning. The reasoned use of different seeds enables the creation of biological diversity favouring life in the soil. The maintaining of trees and bushes on the estate attracts an auxiliary fauna which is very useful in the fight against certain vine pests. The whole of the estate is grown organically.

Terroir Château Beauregard

Only inputs that are environmentally-friendly and without risk for our personnel and consumers are used. Their quantity is regulated based on precise observation of the threat of vine disease and the stage in the vine cycle.  This approach reinforces the typicity and quality of our wines.  For over ten years now, all our vineyards have been planted at a higher density than those usually planted in Pomerol. This increases the competition between vine plants and encourages the vines to explore all of our soils. Competition favours higher quality and complexity in our wines.  

Throughout the year, the greatest care is lavished on the vines to get the very best out of them. The soils are ploughed in the traditional fashion and the youngest plots are worked using a horse, according to time-honoured tradition. Numerous manual tasks are done in the vineyard, whereby each vine receives individual care and attention so that it is well exposed to sunlight and given good ventilation. Balanced crop loads are enforced in order to achieve the highest possible quality grapes. These practices aim to bring out in the wine all the qualities of this outstanding terroir. 


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